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NP1Q04 - Bottled Nanopure Water

Bottled Nanopure Water

Laboratory Grade
4 ea. - 1.5 liter bottles.
Not for potable use.

Retail Price : $133.99
Our Low Price : $95.51

This bottled water was produced using a properly maintained Barnstead Nanopure laboratory water system. This water exceeded NCCLS, ATSM and CAP purified water Type I, II or III at time of bottling.

Perfect for those who need high purity water for non critical applications but who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and maintenance.

Since bottled water degrades over time, this product is not intended as a substitute for type I water or critical applications. Water for those uses must be produced on site and used as soon as it is purified in order to obtain the highest purity levels.  
For those needed type I or purer water at the point of use you should be looking at these Laboratory Water Purification systems

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